Professor Shayne Loft


Professor Shayne Loft is an expert in Human Factors (Applied Cognitive Psychology) and is currently an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Research Fellow (2021-2024) and the Director of the Human Factors and Applied Cognition Laboratory. His research focuses on applying cognitive science to understand how humans interact with each other and technology to perform tasks in complex work settings such as submarine command and control, unmanned vehicle control, land warfare, air traffic control, and driving.

He is currently an Associate Editor at Human Factors and at the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. Professor Loft has obtained over $13.4 million is external competitive research funding (e.g., ARC Discovery and ARC Linkage, Defence Science and Technology Group, Office of Naval Research-Global, Neurotrauma Research Program, Network for Undersea Decision Superiority, WA Defence Science Centre, Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development). His work has produced 96 refereed research publications, 38 industry reports, and research training for 70 research students and six post-doctoral research fellows. His awards include the American Psychological Society Rising Star Award. Professor Loft has extensive experience initiating and leading national and international interdisciplinary research collaborations between academia and industry, and his research has informed policy in the aviation, defence, and resource sectors by directly informing job design and training practices in operational contexts.