Australia can’t keep track of illegal fishing and people smuggling risk due to size of coasts, experts warn

UWA DSI Research Fellow Dr Troy Lee-Brown quoted in The West Australian on IUU fishing in the state's north.

Hidden cultural treasures now within easy digital reach

The diaries, essays and recordings of one of Australia’s most renowned female pianists are among a treasure trove of cultural curiosities now housed in one digital location – UWA Collected.

[BLOG] AUKUS or ‘AUK’-ward? A Youth Perspective on Australia’s Acquisition of Conventionally-Armed Nuclear-Powered Submarines

Australia has been forced to reimagine its investments in capabilities and deterrence in order to defend its national interests.

New depth of understanding about how camouflage takes shape

A study led by The University of Western Australia has revealed a tool used by prey to conceal 3D body shapes in nature, providing a different perspective on how camouflage works. “Our work suggests that patterns that interfere with animals’ depth perception could be an intriguing strategy for avoiding predation.” Dr Jennifer Kelley, UWA School of Biological Sciences

Project Highlight: Delivering novel therapeutics to target bio-threat pathogens

DMTC has partnered with the University of Western Australia and Monash University to generate optimised compounds capable of inhibiting multiple bacterial pathogens of interest to Defence. (More details on page 35)

The West Australian | WA must adapt AUKUS, $368b nuclear-powered submarine deal by David Johnston, Professor Gia Parish and Dr Troy Lee-Brown

The Federal Government’s AUKUS nuclear submarine program highlights the growing strategic importance of Perth and WA to the Indo-Pacific region but much more work is needed to address how we meet all the infrastructure and personnel needs.

The Jakarta Post | Tensions in South China Sea continue, but ASEAN successfully resolves maritime disputes by Dr Bec Strating and Dr Troy Lee-Brown

In a flurry of late-April private talks, Filipino diplomats challenged officials from China over the recent pattern of assertive behavior from Chinese vessels in the South China Sea. The behavior by the Chinese included the early-February targeting of a Philippine Coast Guard ship with a...

7 News | Northern Bases Upgrades | Featuring Dr Troy Lee-Brown

Canberra announced it will spend almost $4 billion over the next four years, significantly upgrading Australia's northern bases from the Cocos (Keeling) Islands across to Queensland. They will be fitted out with long-range strike weapons, better runways and security.

Melbourne Asia Review | Lessons from successful maritime dispute resolutions in the Indo-Pacific by Dr Bec Strating and Dr Troy Lee-Brown

The papers in this series Beyond the South China Sea: other maritime disputes in Southeast Asia have highlighted the persistence of ‘lesser-known’ maritime boundary disputes in Southeast Asia. Yet, they also reveal the efforts of regional states to resolve these disputes.