UWA Defence Research Capabilities

Western Australia is part of the dynamic Indo-Pacific region and is nationally significant in the defence and security of Australia.

The University of Western Australia (UWA), with its rich tradition of academic excellence and innovation, stands as a key partner in advancing Australia’s defence and security agenda. Central to UWA’s efforts in this critical area is the Defence and Security Institute (DSI). This premier institution consolidates and channels UWA’s expertise in defence and security research, engagement, and education.

In a time where geopolitical tides are shifting and national security is front of mind in policy considerations, the DSI emerges as a leading entity, working collaboratively with local, state, and federal governments, as well as industry stakeholders and the wider research community. Our commitment at UWA, supported by the robust framework of DSI, is unwavering: to align our capabilities with Australia’s strategic needs, driving forward solutions that support a peaceful, prosperous, and secure future for our nation and the broader Indo-Pacific region.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted, inclusive and capable partner. Central to DSI’s platform is our Trust and Assurance policy which orients our systems for management of Foreign Interference and Security risks, ensuring we remain capable of delivering now and in the future.