Ocean and Maritime Science and Engineering

Scientific and technical expertise and innovative technologies to enhance the operational performance and survivability of defence platforms in the maritime domain, particularly in and around the Indian Ocean. UWA has 170 experts from disciplines including marine science, oceanography, ocean engineering, hydrodynamics, geotechnics, environmental management, economics, commerce, law and policy, communications, history and archaeology. In many areas within the marine domain UWA’s expertise is unique within Australia.

UWA competitive advantage

  • Reliable prediction of currents, waves and temperature from the deep ocean to the shoreline via data ingestion and sophisticated modelling.
  • Development of novel techniques for the measurement of ocean currents, waves, and nearshore bathymetry from remotely sensed observations.
  • Capability in observing, modelling and understanding the fine-scale ocean variability that affects underwater navigation and sound propagation, including realistic nonlinear internal wave modelling tools relevant to submarine navigation and communication.
  • Statistical tools for quantifying uncertainty from ocean observations and numerical models that allow the development of operational decision-making tools.
  • Detailed observational, modelling and prediction capabilities in nearshore and littoral areas relevant to defence operations.
  • Application of novel distributed sensors, data-driven engineering and machine learning approaches to interpret and predict the dynamic response of marine craft and floating systems.
  • Optimisation of the design of marine craft based on improved understanding of fluid-structure interaction and the development of novel non-linear models of dynamic systems.
  • Expertise in quantifying the hydrodynamic forces on subsea vehicles in a range of environmental flow conditions using model scale testing and/or Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  • Understanding and predicting extreme responses, as is applicable to survivability of offshore systems and marine craft in extreme conditions.
  • Expertise in offshore soil structure interaction and offshore anchoring dynamics.
  • Ocean renewable energy (wind, tidal, wave), including resource assessment, energy capture optimisation and distribution.

Key contacts

Assoc/Prof Nicole Jones
Associate Professor, Oceans Graduate School

Email: nicole.jones@uwa.edu.au
Phone: +61 8 6488 3074

Dr Jeff Hansen
Senior Lecturer, School of Earth Science

Email: jeff.hansen@uwa.edu.au
Phone: +61 8 6488 3724

Outcomes and impact

  • Development of tools to maximise operability in the ocean across a range of environments from the deeps to beaches and estuaries.
  • Development of sensor packages, algorithms, and the underlying knowledge to rapidly assess and predict environmental conditions, understand and predict vessel behaviour and fatigue, and exploit ocean energy sources to power offshore and remote assets.
  • Development of subsea technologies for instrument deployment at depths of 10,000m.