Defence & Security through an Indo-Pacific lens

About the Institute

The Defence and Security Institute (DSI) is an initiative by The University of Western Australia (UWA). Hosted at UWA the DSI unifies and focusses UWA’s expertise in defence and security research, engagement, and education.

Defence and security provides the foundation of our nation’s sovereignty. In an era of rapidly evolving geopolitics this critical area of national policy sits at the forefront of government and public debates.

The DSI plays a central role in helping to develop Australia’s sovereign defence capabilities in WA by working with local, state and federal governments, industry and business, research institutions and the community to help generate solutions towards a peaceful, prosperous and secure Australia and Indo-Pacific region.


Black Swan Strategy Series

The Black Swan Strategy Papers are the flagship publication of the UWA Defence and Security Institute (DSI). They represent the intersection between Western Australia and strategic studies – both of which are famous for their black swans. The series aims to provide high-quality analysis and strategic insights into the Indo-Pacific region through a defence and security lens.

The Latest

Centre for Economic Policy Research | Debating defence budgets: Why military purchasing power parity matters with Professor Peter Robertson

US military spending is said to be greater than the next 11 countries combined. However, the conventional use of market exchange rates to compare across countries dramatically overstates US spending relative to other countries. This column introduces a military purchasing power parity exchange rate for 59 countries based on the relative unit cost ratio across counties.

On On Orcas, Awkies, AUKUS – Live Recording, The Dead Prussian with Professor Peter Dean and Dr Bec Strating

Mick Cook chats with Professor Peter Dean and Dr Bec Strating to discuss the recently announced AUKUS alliance between Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Is Now the Time for Australia and Korea to Step Up Security Links? By Bill Paterson

Australia and the Republic of Korea share strategic objectives in the region and a longstanding defence relationship. Yet there is still far more that can be done to strengthen security ties and cooperation in the face of looming threats.

ABC RV Drive with Patricia Karvelas ‘Welcome to the jungle’: Samantha Maiden and Stephen Smith Wrap the week

Samantha Maiden responds to French outrage at being excluded from Australia's new military pact with the United States and the United Kingdom in the Indo-Pacific.