Defence and Security Policy, Law and Ethics

Analysing, assessing and articulating Australia’s strategic ambitions, including Defence capabilities, relies on a thorough understanding of its social, ethical, legal, political and economic needs.

UWA’s expertise in Defence and Security Policy, Law and ethics analyses and investigates Australia’s strategic ambitions, economic position and defence needs. Similarly, UWA has significant research capacity in understanding the global security landscape, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region including Australia, China, Indonesia, India, Korea, east Africa and the United States.

Capabilities and UWA Competitive Advantage

  • Defence economics
  • Understanding teamwork psychology and high-performance work (submarines)
  • International comparisons of defence budgets and military spending
  • Energy and resources security
  • Data and supply chain logistics
  • Political decision making and effective diplomacy.
  • Economics and effective resourcing of defence services.
  • Research in engineering practice, for developing an engineering workforce to support new defence initiatives.
  • Geo-politics, international relations and law, geography, alliances, capabilities and strategic ends, including energy security and supply lines, and security of other critical resources and related economic needs.
  • Peace and conflict studies.
  • Determinants of terrorism.
  • Indo-Pacific security.
  • International criminal law, international humanitarian law, international human rights law, and genocide studies
  • Laws of the sea and transnational crime such as maritime piracy, illegal fishing and trafficking.

Key Contacts

Peter Robertson
UWA Business School

Outcomes and Impact


  • Host to the Perth USAsia Centre, a leading think tank focusing in geo-political issues, policy development and building strategic affairs.
  • Host to the Defence and Security Institute that focusses UWA’s expertise in defence and security research, engagement and education to develop Australia’s sovereign defence capabilities.