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[BLOG] AUKUS or ‘AUK’-ward? A Youth Perspective on Australia’s Acquisition of Conventionally-Armed Nuclear-Powered Submarines

The last decade has observed the acceleration of major geopolitical shifts, with the centre of gravity continuously shifting towards the Indo-Pacific. In this rapidly evolving strategic environment, it is clear that distance no longer provides the traditional security and protection it once did for Australian shores. Australia has been forced to reimagine its investments in capabilities and deterrence in order to defend its national interests. A pivotal provision of this is the acquisition of conventionally-armed nuclear-powered submarines, with the guidance and expertise from its ‘best mates’ in the global ‘playground’: the US and UK.

New depth of understanding about how camouflage takes shape

A study led by The University of Western Australia has revealed a tool used by prey to conceal 3D body shapes in nature, providing a different perspective on how camouflage works.

“Our work suggests that patterns that interfere with animals’ depth perception could be an intriguing strategy for avoiding predation.”

Dr Jennifer Kelley, UWA School of Biological Sciences