10 News | US plans to deploy Virginia class submarines to WA from 2027 featuring Dr Troy Lee-Brown

"I do think you'll see an increase in US presence, particularly naval presence in Western Australia," says UWA Defence and Security Institute Research Fellow, Dr Troy Lee-Brown.

Defence research leader issues call to arms for women featuring Professor Gia Parish

On the eve of International Women’s Day 2023, the Director of the Defence and Security Institute at The University of Western Australia is encouraging more women to enter the sector to bring the “balance, connectivity and agility” it needs in the face of global uncertainty.

ABC News | Trepidation over ADF plan to upgrade Cocos (Keeling) Islands featuring Dr Troy Lee-Brown

A community leader on Australia's most westerly tropical territory has called for clarity about a half-a-billion dollar upgrade of the territory's military capabilities amid fears it will create a security risk and infrastructure headaches.

Cosmos Magazine | How are our universities preparing for AUKUS? featuring Professor Gia Parish

Twelve months on from the fanfare and the secrecy of the AUKUS announcement, questions remain over the deal and how Australia will fill the skills gaps needed to facilitate the transfer of science and technology under the arrangement.

East Asia Forum | Navigating maritime security in the Bay of Bengal by Dr Troy Lee-Brown

The year 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the strategic partnership between ASEAN and India, but there are new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. Southeast Asian states should strengthen their regional maritime security...

ABC | UWA DSI Chair Professor Stephen Smith to lead the Defence Strategic Review

The Chair of UWA Defence & Security Institute Professor Stephen Smith and retired Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston will jointly oversee a comprehensive study of the ADF's structure, preparedness and investments.

ABC | North West Defence Alliance hopes Force Posture Review will bolster WA resources featuring Professor Peter Dean

More defence resources could be sent to the northern West Australian coast to protect critical assets following a new review of the Australian Defence Force's strategic positions, according to experts. Representatives from the North West Defence Alliance—made up of five Pilbara and four Kimberley shires—travelled to Canberra last week to meet with Australian defence personnel to advocate for a stronger defence presence on the northern coast.

Expanding the Indo-Pacific Region to East Africa by Faiza Samatar

27 June 2022 Introduction The emergence of the term ‘Indo-Pacific’ has conjured up different visions of regional geographical expanses over the past decade. The geo-political region of the Indo-Pacific has been attributed to the area between the western United States and India, combining the Pacific Ocean and the eastern end of the Indian Ocean[1]. In recent years, the region’s political and economic importance has grown partly because of China and India’s economic growth and consequently the rise of their political and military strength. Increased global economic growth has also…

BBC World News | Pacific security and China’s strategic reach featuring Professor Peter Dean

What we’re seeing here is a pattern of development from China as their power in the region expands. Therefore, their reach is basically spanning into the far flung reaches of the South Pacific, and they’re looking at economic cooperation and hinting towards security cooperation as well. We’ve seen this as part of a pattern of China’s strategic reach.

Asia Rising | Australia votes 2022: Our place in the region featuring Peter Dean

Much of this election has focused on our regional relationships and our place in the global order. Many have labelled this a 'khaki election', with national security becoming a major election issue. The campaign so far has been dominated by regional issues, particularly the fallout of China's pact with the Solomon Islands.