Is Now the Time for Australia and Korea to Step Up Security Links? By Bill Paterson

Australia and the Republic of Korea share strategic objectives in the region and a longstanding defence relationship. Yet there is still far more that can be done to strengthen security ties and cooperation in the face of looming threats.

ABC RV Drive with Patricia Karvelas ‘Welcome to the jungle’: Samantha Maiden and Stephen Smith Wrap the week

Samantha Maiden responds to French outrage at being excluded from Australia's new military pact with the United States and the United Kingdom in the Indo-Pacific.

ABC Podcast: PM with Linda Mottram – Interview with Professor Stephen Smith

Australia’s ‘forever partnership’ to secure nuclear submarines

Ministerial meetings show deepening ties between Australia and South Korea by Peter K. Lee

With Australia and the Republic of Korea celebrating the 60th anniversary of their diplomatic relations, this year’s 2+2 foreign and defence ministers’ meeting held on Monday in Seoul reflects an expanding security agenda between the two countries. by Peter K. Lee

Small hints of a bigger opportunity in Australia-South Korea ties by Peter K. Lee

In Australia, over the last few weeks, international headlines have focused on the United States, between the problematic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the 70th anniversary of the ANZUS Treaty, the 20 years since 9/11, and the AUSMIN meeting this week.

ANZUS Invoked: September 11 and Interpreting the Treaty by Professor Peter Dean

A supposed “100 years of mateship” has seen the US and Australia fight every major war together since 1918. However, the ANZUS Treaty has only been formally invoked once – in the days after the September 11 terrorist attacks by Peter J. Dean

Why the defence portfolio could make or break Peter Dutton’s political career by Professor Peter Dean

April 26, 2021 6.05am Defence is always one of the Australian government’s busiest — and most powerful — portfolios. Now, as Peter Dutton takes the helm, this is no exception, and he will have much work to do.

DEFENCE SPECIAL REPORT: Minister must drive force posture review by Professor Peter Dean

The rise of Peter Dutton broke the short-held Western Australian ministerial dominance over the Defence portfolio. For a brief period WA members of the federal parliament controlled the Defence, Defence Industry and assistant Defence Minister roles.

Why the tragic Afghanistan withdrawal should reassure US allies in Asia by Professor Peter Dean

For many US allies, the end of the conflict in Afghanistan will come as a relief, reassuring them that some clear, rational strategic thinking has taken hold in Washington.