Former Defence Minister calls for new Defence Force Posture Review

Former Defence and Foreign Minister Stephen Smith is calling for the government to urgently conduct a new Force Posture Review to ensure Australia’s military assets are well positioned. By Professor Stephen Smith

Wargames Facing Wrong Way As The Strategic Focus Shifts

It is time to rethink Talisman Sabre through an up-to-date strategic lens. Australia’s largest andmost important military exercise has been in its ninth iteration this past fortnight. There is nodoubt about its increasing significance to both Australia and our alliance partner, the US.

Expectations disrupted: lessons for Australia’s Indo-Pacific future by Professor Stephen Smith

Australia and the Indo-Pacific have thrived with an open trading system and with liberal economic regimes encouraging international competitiveness. This has helped secure peace, stability and prosperity. But these patterns are now far from assured.

Tanks for nothing? Ensuring the Australian Army is ready for Indo-Pacific conflict by Professor Peter Dean

How we should allocate funding in relation to the future role of the Australian Army, especially the risks we face vis-à-vis the changing balance of power in our region, and in Army’s role in deterring (and potentially responding to) a much more aggressive and forthright China.

Biden, Australia, and the Future of ANZUS in the Indo-Pacific by Professor Peter Dean

In 2021, the ANZUS alliance will have been in place for 70 years. However, in the wake of Biden’s recent inauguration as the 46th president of the United States, the alliance is experiencing challenges not seen in the past.

The internal risks to Australia’s new defence strategy by Professor Peter Dean

The 2020 defence strategic update released last month provides a sobering analysis of Australia’s strategic environment and the risks we must manage. The document lays out a conflation of pressing issues and concludes that ‘major power competition has intensified and the prospect of high-intensity conflict in the Indo-Pacific, while still unlikely, is less remote than in the past.’

A New Strategic Song? ANZUS, the 2020 Australian Defence Update, and Redefining Self-Reliance by Professor Peter Dean

Is Australia taking steps toward a career as a soloist in the opera of Indo-Pacific deterrence? In 2020, the country has taken a long, hard look at the Indo-Pacific region, including the United States under President Donald Trump. Has it decided that its relationship with the United States is more about dashed expectations than 100 years of “mateship”?

Modernising ANZUS: Next-generation perspectives on the US–Australia alliance by Professor Peter Dean

Amid the debate last week over the merits of travelling to Washington for the annual AUSMIN talks and donning face masks during a global pandemic, the defence and foreign ministers of Australia and the United States delivered a direct and persuasive joint statement.

Next Generation Perspectives on the US-Australia Alliance

The Future of the US-Australia Alliance Regional Workshops is a two-year program funded by the United States Government, and delivered by the Perth USAsia Centre in partnership with Griffith Asia Institute, La Trobe Asia, the University of Western Australia and the Australian National University. The program aimed to identify and equip a cohort of young leaders across the country with a contemporary understanding of the Alliance.

2020 Australian Defense Strategic Update: The Revenge of Geography by Professor Peter Dean

Australia’s strategic environment is rapidly changing and along with it the risks that the nation’s defense policy must manage.