Fighting Australia’s Cold War | The Nexus of Strategy and Operations in a Multipolar Asia, 1945–1965 | Professor Peter Dean & Dr Tristan Moss

In the first two decades of the Cold War, Australia fought in three conflicts and prepared to fight in a possible wider conflagration in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. In Korea, Malaya and Borneo, Australian forces encountered new types of warfare, integrated new equipment and ideas, and were part of the longest continual overseas deployments in Australia’s history. 

The Heritage Foundation | How to Better Understand the Chinese Defense Budget with Professor Peter Robertson, Dean and Head of School, UWA Business School

Join Heritage and a distinguished group of experts on the Chinese defense budget to get a better sense of what is currently known about the Chinese defense budget and what needs to be further studied and explored.

Lowy Institute, The Interpreter | It’s not rocket science, Australia needs a stronger space strategy by Dr Tristan Moss

The contested and congested nature of space means this vital arena cannot be approached in a fragmented fashion.

La Trobe Asia | The AUKUS Deal: Regional Security in the Indo-Pacific

Panel: • Dr Anna Powles, Senior Lecturer in Security Studies at Massey University, New Zealand • Associate Professor Maria Rost Rublee, Politics and International Relations, Monash University • Professor Peter Dean, Director, Defence and Security Institute, University of Western Australia • Natalie Sambhi, Executive Director, Verve Research

The Strategist | South Korea–Australia relations and the fine line between cooperation and friction in East Asia by Jae Jeok Park

As the Australia–Japan security relationship continues to strengthen, there’s concern among the South Korean security community that that may come at the expense of their country’s own interests.

Here’s what we can gather about the US nuclear attack submarine collision in the South China Sea | Remarks by Professor Peter Dean

Peter Dean, Director of the University of Western Australia's Defence and Security Institute, told the ABC there were a few possibilities. "The submarines run aground, hitting something on the bottom. They are relying on their sonar, so it's difficult to get an accurate picture of the underwater environment. Large wildlife, like whales, have been a problem, and of course, other submarines," Professor Dean said.

Centre for Economic Policy Research | Debating defence budgets: Why military purchasing power parity matters with Professor Peter Robertson

US military spending is said to be greater than the next 11 countries combined. However, the conventional use of market exchange rates to compare across countries dramatically overstates US spending relative to other countries. This column introduces a military purchasing power parity exchange rate for 59 countries based on the relative unit cost ratio across counties.

On On Orcas, Awkies, AUKUS | Live Recording, The Dead Prussian with Professor Peter Dean and Dr Bec Strating

Mick Cook chats with Professor Peter Dean and Dr Bec Strating to discuss the recently announced AUKUS alliance between Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Is Now the Time for Australia and Korea to Step Up Security Links? By Bill Paterson

Australia and the Republic of Korea share strategic objectives in the region and a longstanding defence relationship. Yet there is still far more that can be done to strengthen security ties and cooperation in the face of looming threats.

ABC RV Drive with Patricia Karvelas ‘Welcome to the jungle’: Samantha Maiden and Stephen Smith Wrap the week

Samantha Maiden responds to French outrage at being excluded from Australia's new military pact with the United States and the United Kingdom in the Indo-Pacific.